Specials/ Pricing

Welcome to Summit Professional Services, where excellence meets meticulous care. Our bespoke services cater to those with discerning tastes, ensuring your space radiates sophistication and precision cleanliness.
Flat Rate Prestige
Experience our renowned flat-rate pricing, tailored to your unique needs.
Embrace the certainty of a consistent, top-tier clean on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Our meticulous approach leaves no detail unattended, ensuring your space maintains an impeccable standard, every visit.
Hourly Elegance
For those seeking unparalleled attention to select areas,.
Our hourly rate of $58 per cleaning hour embodies refined efficiency.
Designate specific spaces for a comprehensive cleaning, while our expert team rotates through additional areas, maintaining pristine conditions as required. Elevate your surroundings without the commitment of a full-scale service.
A person offering pricing specials while holding a spray bottle and a rag.
Flat Rate Prestige
Indulge in our permanent specials designed for connoisseurs of pristine spaces:
PLUS, savor the luxury of a complimentary clean at the end of each special as a token of our appreciation. We’ll remind you a month before renewal; your satisfaction is our priority.
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Executive Care for Commercial Spaces
For esteemed commercial clients, we offer a distinctive 5% discount on residential cleaning and every additional commercial clean for multiple properties. Experience our specialized service, tailored for multiple locations across Alberta.
Explore extending our meticulous care to properties in other provinces upon discussion.
Weekend Residential Excellence
Currently available in Medicine Hat (Calgary coming soon), our weekend cleaning service on Saturday or Sunday combines the finesse of our flat-rate offering with a premium slot charge of $20.
Elevate your weekends with our executive touch.
At Summit Professional Services, our commitment to excellence extends beyond cleaning — it’s a lifestyle. Contact us to elevate your space to executive standards.