Executive Home Services: Elevate Every Aspect of Your Living

Welcome to Summit Professional Services, where we offer top-tier executive home services, delivering a superior level of luxury and precision to meet your discerning needs. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring your home embodies professionalism and elegance in every detail.

From pristine cleaning to attentive pet care and meticulous laundry services, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world of elevated living. Our comprehensive suite of Executive Home Services is curated to meet your high expectations, providing a holistic solution for household management. Experience the epitome of exceptional service as we go beyond the ordinary, granting you the luxury of time and peace of mind.

Discover the true essence of refined living with Summit Professional Services, where every service is designed to enhance your lifestyle and elevate your home to new heights of opulence.

Crafting a New Standard of Excellence:Elevating Your Perception of Luxury

Redefining Your Concept of Luxury

We guarantee excellent cleaning services with boutique-style customer service experience every time. By carefully selecting, training up our team members to be able to give you only the best of the best. They are professional, vetted and bonded. Continuous training keeps our standards high. Taking care of you our clients is our priority

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Customer Guidelines

Supplies and Equipment

We provide all the cleaning products and vacuums for your cleaning needs. If you have a fully functioning central vac system, we’re happy to use it.

We only ask that you provide a toilet brush for each bathroom.

Appointment Reminders

Yes, if you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, a $50 administrative fee will be charged. Cancellations with 48 hours or more notice incur no charge.

Access to Your Home

Yes, a $50 fee is assessed if access to your home is not provided or if our team members are turned away at the door

Cold Weather Policy

We do not guarantee arrival in inclement weather. If the weather is hazardous to our team’s safety (as determined by us), services will be rescheduled


Credit cards are processed five business days before your scheduled clean. Bank transfers (ACH or e-transfers) are required 48 hours in advance. No refunds are offered, but we have a solid 24-hour guarantee that we will absolutely honor based on the details of your work order.

Preparing for Cleaning

We are pet-friendly. If you have a dog larger than 30 lbs, they should be kenneled while we clean. Cats are free to roam. All other pets need to be secured while our team is in the home for any purpose.

Breakage or Damage

Our team will record the incident with pictures and filled-out paperwork. The office will contact you to discuss possible resolutions to the situation. Please inform us of any heirloom or non-replaceable pieces to avoid dusting these items.

Video Surveillance

Yes, you can, but if it is learned that there is video surveillance in bathrooms where our team member might need to use for personal reasons, termination is immediate.

Agreement and Terms

By reading these FAQ’s / Customer Guidelines here as well as on our invoice, you are agreeing through payment to all terms presented. You will be asked to sign once, and this will be kept on file.

“It’s amazing what two kids can do to a carpet… spills & spots everywhere! I had no idea it could get this clean.”


Sara H.

“Just wanted to submit our gratitude to your team for an excellent job in our home. We have great carpeting!!”


Calvin C.

“I was very pleased with the carpet cleaning done by your staff. The rugs look very good. Keep up the excellent work.”


Wendy B.

“Just want to let you know that I’m very pleased with the cleaning job you did. Excellent job! Looks like new! Thanks.”


Steve H.